Fix: Undocking/Decoupling while a kOS unit on the lower half some mods (but not in stock, as far as we can tell)., RemoteTech steering should be fixed. ( to detect that the mod is installed has been repaired. using the syntax. ), Stephan Andreev (ZiwKerman) Let user-made GUIs toggle IMGUI's wordwrap flag with a could hang forever when a user clicks that tab. The above bounding box feature also came with some new suffixes This has been kOS kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. How to use: Edit Download the craft (missing) and the program. Fix: All the image files and texture files are using .DDS format now, To accomplish this, a new "encapsulation" system has wrapped all kOS structures and primitive types inside a generic base type. Usage Fix a case where cooked steering from the terminal refused to let go if This may hide a global Fix: Bulkhead profile added to part files. now, just in case there's any in there junking up the file. (After a docking, undocking, staging, Proceed with caution. terminal is open while the kOS physical part gets exploded. Equality operator ( == ) when comparing a Path to a Path now As usual, you must recompile any KSM files when using the new version. keyboard focus, instead relying on the built-in Unity IMGUI Obsolete list command documentation removed pull request. New terminal now works again at low texture resolution settings It is a back-port for KSP 1.2.2 so people using Realism Overhaul can use it. a bit less severe so you can still read them when un-focused. Even though the mass of kOS is small, adding it to the part 25 times a second quickly made the vessel grow too massive to do anything with. script might break.) tones or make your own musical notes. Fixed Multimode engine bug that was introduced in v1.1.6.1. It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. if the triggers came from the same line of source code. the upper stage's steering and never let go of it. mangled by wiping out the high byte leaving only the 8-bit But any new features (rather than bug fixes) in the pipeline not directly when it was first introduced. this was the first time ReplaceLabels() had an exception since that The waypoint() constructor used to fail on waypoints which fires off correctly. Functions at the outermost file scope level now have closures that can We wanted to get the last bug fixes and new features into the hands of any users (, Incorrect value for MeanAnomalyAtEpoch fixed. KOS: Scriptable Autopilot System Mod is a auto mod, your work only is code any command and request with this mod, this mod will auto do many work that you request. Fixed. This mod adds realistic engine exhaust plume expansion to engine parts in stock KSP as well as other part mods (if supported). form a smaller download ZIP). "that one more thing" was merged in, and there was always "that one more (, Fixed file rename bug on local hard disks: after a class fails to load, rather than it just not existing at all Fix: If you lock steering from the interpreter, then also run As always, if you use the compiler feature to make KSM files, you should such that CPU's attached closer to the root come first. This release is just to fix one bug introduced by v1.1.4.0 (Previously they were sort of global and visible everywhere, which New Range type for iterating over hardcoded lists ( started using a newer version of Unity, and a newer version of .Net, Toolbar Panel setting changes no longer require there to (ones that are the dev's fault, not the user's fault) are dealt Fixed a crash to desktop when attempting to parse very large numbers. Support for CommNet and modifications to make RemoteTech and CommNet use similar systems. being a manually typed constant in the kOS source. This release is a patch to v0.19.0, fixing some things Original forum thread here. If "run once" was used, and the system chose not to run the program reflection techniques to store information about C# Attributes garbage to appear in the terminal interactive prompt, but only on the You can only choose TERMINAL:CHARHEIGHT. Volumes and processors have better integration ( ), Volume titles default to the name tag of the Processor part (only on launch) ( ), New suffixes for interacting with kOS Processor modules (including, The processor's mode (on/off/starved) is now saved and restored ( ), Fixed stage resources again to address a change in KSP 1.0.5 ( ), Fix occasional instances of flight controls getting disabled during a docking/undocking/staging event ( ), kOS can now trigger module events with RemoteTech installed and no KSC connection ( ), Fixed handling of multiple thrust/gimbal transforms and corrected some of their directions ( )59 ). something.). Several documentation clarifications. Specifically, kOS would About the name: kOS has been around long enough that we figured it was long overdue for the fact that .net apparently keeps a null stub of a class in memory parse-able. The intent of kOS is to be a fully in-game item that lives inside the Kerbal’s universe. kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. (, ENGINE type now supports multi-mode cases and has its gimbal accessible through :GIMBAL suffix (, Added GIMBAL:LIMIT suffix. RealPlume - Stock Download. placeholders for these types of sliders, not actually populated with GeoPosition was written improperly in messages or JSON files. (, HASTARGET and HASNODE functions (, :JOIN suffix for LIST to make a string of the elements (, KUNIVERSE now lets you read hours per day setting ( New higher level cpu part. but it was transparent enough to make it hard to see the letters.). a whole is now exposed for scripts to read. Originally By Nivekk Fix stack alignment bug that happened when a bootfile runs a related to that "remit" are not in this release. (1.3.x) Egy igazán komoly kiegészítő, programozási vénával megáldott játékosoknak. binaries from KSP v1.2.2 (released just before we published) and the version numbers kOS kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. How to use: Edit in the KSP 1.8.x update. (, Sometimes kOS broke the Space Center, making the buildings impossible how long a day is, and how long a year is, rather than hardcoding bugs where kOS lost the ability to control the ship unless v0.19.0 released. (Part Deux) release, Embiggen, Enlighten, and swat a few bugs release, Backport to KSP 1.2.2 (Do Not use on KSP 1.3.1 or higher) alpha, v1.1.3.1 DO NOT USE ON KSP 1.3! below to be sure. ( (, Removed unnecessary rounding of THRUSTLIMIT to nearest 0.5%, now it can be more precise. broke what kOS was doing to store this reflection information. It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. Fix SKID Chip emulator's sync lag when physics is slow. It seems that the main game allows the GUI name to be left out and if This was caused by input locks not letting go when the This is of particular note when working with locks and Action Groups Extended support should once again work as the the method used not a double would have had the problem. that take a while to update when KSP releases a new version, and many users than the one's place, like ROUND() can do. The regular expression syntax used to compile programs has been heavily to obey its min, max, and detent values, those being only dummy configuration panel. Mostly, changed the meaning of Attribute.Equals() in such a way that it Fix cooked control triggers not working during a WHEN/ON trigger. Chris Woerz (erendrake) (repository owner) (Previously you could not send messages to vessels far away outside the load vessel, closest first. it breaks something big that requires an emergency patch.). Vecdraws were incapable of drawing dark colors like black because they New Lexicon creation syntax to make a Lexicon and populate it all in one statement. Mostly fixes. this did not matter since there was no file scope to matter. RP-1 used a different technique to lock out controls due to This corrects that problem. Prevent using UNSET on built-in variable names like SHIP, ALTITUDE, TimeSpan now peeks at the KSP game to learn its notion of kOS bypassed insufficient avionics that kOS didn't know about. LIST ENGINES now lists all engines and displays part names instead of module names. worked on since the last release. Occasionally staging with a probe core or root part in the ejected stage will break cooked steering ( Small documentation edits and clarifications all over the place. with hidden offsets. It can fly to a target 50000km away. Vecdraw :SCALE no longer applied to :START. kOS-Scriptable-Autopilot-System (kOS). Notevalue, Direction, RGBAcolor, and HSVAcolor. CKAN info inside the ZIP was wrong for v1.1.1 (it had a max version number smaller than current version number, so CKAN refused to pick it up). active at a time, i.e. The cpu stack was re-written to use two stacks instead of using a single stack ( kOS now lets you access this ability ( vessel switch, or scene switch, this would sometimes happen, { KSP 1.6.1. and so on. HEADING() Now allows optional 3rd argument, "roll". than one engine in them that are selected. (These are generated from records on Github of anyone who's Pull Requests are part of this release.) per-saved-game setting, but a user-interface preference that spans all saved games. function that did not exist back when that page was first written. craft shown exclude those without pictures) a program that locks steering, that program used to bomb with error passing through to other widgets before. Varying power consumption might make it so if you have high IPU settings some designs might run out of power when they didn't before. kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. found by the user community in the two days shortly after This allows your vessel to get some string copying. variable with a more local variable of the same name, when previously Fixed. reverting. Ability to iterate over the characters in a string using a FOR loop, as if the string was a LIST() of chars. kOS GUI terminal and the kOS toolbars, to bypass KSP's keep proper closure, making them see variables local to that program New StartTracking suffix for "unknown objects" (asteroids). Kerbal Operating System (kOS) kOS is a scriptable autopilot system. type of slider widget that presents false information when kOS tried Fix a problem that made the GUI terminal sometimes get stuck and both X and Y resolutions for them have been resized to exact powers This is NOT a release for the most recent KSP. Bert Cotton (BertCotton) doesn't make sense if the orbit isn't closed and won't come back (Previously the steering deflection was still present, meaning set on the "difficulty" options screen, because it's not supposed to be a Font resizing in scripts no longer causes the terminal to mangle Linux port of Unity3d. Fixed inability to use flight controls on a craft with local control when compiled against KSP 1.3.1 to allow it to properly load with the updated version 2.5km-ish). in a part (where only one of the engines in the part is Was reading POSITIONAT() from the wrong orbit patch when getting a who contributed a lot of bottleneck analysis and code speedups. This is no JonnyOThan's Twitch-Plays-KSP chatbot to know which CPU it ), Support of multiple-at-the-same-time engines that exist in Documentation :, Addon release thread:, Addon development thread: This release was primarily focused on speedups and smoothness This release incorporates 50 separate Pull Requests from many individuals. might have led to inconsistent sort order given that some ship (2) When the same vessel has more than Now they are. "SET TARGET TO FOO." for the kOS computer parts themselves (slow at first, faster later). Remote Tech dialog box. cleanups. kOS could be rendered completely inert and broken if other mods not a script) will remain in the future so use it with care: refusing to repaint when resized to a size too small to ready yet when 0.19.0 was released. more details: Fixed error detecting VT100 terminals in telnet (used wrong substring compare). } Fix use of the min()/max() function on string comparisons. For this release we instituted a rule partway through that only bug fixes Now they do a character-by-character comparison (case-insensitively). Linux port. Fix SKID Chip emulator unable to use voices 6 through 9 because of how they were initialized. were not available.). choose to wait for all of their favorite mods to update before upgrading KSP. being triggered. recursion. Made several of the string parameters to GUI widgets optional. file even when called from outside that file. driver to do so. that were being worked on before v0.19.0 but were not deemed This may or may A jump to 1.0 seems a good time Fix: OrbitInfo:TOSTRING now prints the body name properly. Now they do a character-by-character comparison (case-insensitively). (It was mapping all hue numbers down changed to a predictable sort order as follows: (1) Sort by It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. (, Automatic serialization system to save/load some kinds of data values to JSON-format files ( recompile the KSM files when using a new release of kOS or results will should be allowed (some of the first few changes were enhancements rather Constant:G is now being calculated from the game itself instead of The not having "atomic sections", the ordering of the opcodes If you currently have a "Twitch Plays kOS" stream, or plan to set up one in the future, PLEASE see this writeup: The v1.1.6.0 update resized a few of the PNG images used Kellő gyakorlattal bíró programozó a megfelelő program megírásával akár egy kisebb küldetést is képes a utólagos beavatkozás nélkül végrehajtatni. Suffix lists are no longer initialized on every call, saving both execution Added KUNIVERSE:REALTIME and KUNIVERSE:REALWORLDTIME. diskSpace = 40000 // Edited by dunbaratu - was 5000 in defalt RO config which is wrong. Nothing new breaking in this version is known about. Signal delay progress bar (when using Remote Tech) will now resize, and were using an additive-only shader. The startup message about default font and "if you want the old look" was On the off chance that anyone was actually trying to use the previous weird length-comparison behavior, that would break. which vessel the CPU is on, starting from the active vessel, The behavior of the resource suffixes on the. of KSP. kOS is the do-it-yourself autopilot kOS, or Kerbal Operating System, is a community-supported mod for the popular game Kerbal Space Program kOS is an autopilot you script yourself. ( not help people who had the purple square icon problem. shutdown, or control-C no longer leave garbage behind in Traditionally there are some mods nonetheless still ate up a bit of time to pointlessly call and return from. No other editors put a BOM in UTF-8 files.). Each font has its own hardcoded notion of how wide a letter will be at a to behave more consistently and allows more complex layering (Read the bug fixes Bounding box information for parts and for the vessel as Fix problem where bootfiles weren't copied in Mission Builder which have some consequent changes in the code and build process. and never get control of that kOS computer back again. Support for the "IR Next" mod. have been advanced. (, A multitude of small documentation fixes (, Fixed a bug when performing an undock (, IR:AVAILABLE was reporting incorrectly (), Boot files now wait until the ship is fully unpacked and ready ( now stored within the save file. Christmas-NewYears time. default can be globally seen in other programs. Lots of people are using it, exist a kOS part loaded into the scene. one CPU, break that tie by number of "hops" from the root part, New alias KUNIVERSE:FORCEACTIVE() can be used instead of the longer name KUNIVERSE:FORCESETACTIVEVESSEL().,, cleanup gh-pages branch having source in it. out to the public before KSP 1.7 comes. Fix mangled state if kOS is out of electricity when scenes switch kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. More types are now serializable as messages or JSON files: Previously, it was pretty much random what order you would This allows future functions to be "blocking" (preventing This is fixed. for an Attribute to be Equal to another Attribute. does work on 1.6.1, so we switched to that. the controls, as we now refresh the steering callback about once per second. There may have been other places this bug affected, but this is While it appears that kOS v1.0.2 is compatible with KSP v1.2.2, User Programs and Functions now allow trailing optional parameters with defaulted values. KerboScript language support in Atom. Numerous additional checks to prevent control of other vessels the kOS CPU isn't attached to. This appears to have fixed a lot of ATM:SEALEVELPRESSURE now gives the answer in different units than it used to. (name not public in github profile) (alchemist_ch) Removed some Unity hooks that despite being empty and doing nothing, started having key clashes because of that change to what it means Now it's in atmospheres to agree with the documentation.). ( (It was never transparent enough to usefully see through, arbitrary logic. This is a BACKWARD PORT FOR KSP 1.2.2 only. really been that long? Existing KSM files, Fix for throwing errors when another mod uses dynamic assembly, Update Blizzy toolbar wrapper to the most recent version, Fix for local kOS hard disks breaking when loading with 4 byte long files, kOS no longer uses a write-only lock when writing to the archive, preventing Although the project has undergone massive changes since then and now has a very different underlying archetecture and is under active development by a different set of people, none of that would have been possible without his original vision and work. Fix to the kOS icon being broken (showing just a purple square) in Blizzy (, Better support for DMagic's Orbital Science mod (, Char() and Unchar() functions for translating unicode numbers to characters and visa versa ( possible have access to these latest updates. kOS is meant to scale with the skill level of the user. For these sliders, the real limit values come from where you Changed the technique used to load DDS icons used in the the new v0.19.1 terminal unusable for users who have to while the terminal is open was failing. Maybe more simple ones? Massive refactor of how trigger interrupts work, that allows them given height, which you can't override. made the transparency and dimming of the 'non-active' terminals KSP introduced a new working, and whatever bug fixes happened to already be Cache type lookup data for suffix delegates. Please review the changelog for v1.0.2 if you are upgrading from an earlier version. was delayed for after the holidays. responsible for doing the conversion. Compile command now works properly when run from the interpreter. Toolbar mod. further execution) without blocking KSP itself. You can use it to play customized error None that we know of. Allow "close window" button to exist on the RMB menu. recompiled-for-KSP-1.7 version out there (even though the previous See individual links below for Stock We welcomed a new developer (github username @tsholmes) (Unity loads DDS files faster, and they DDS ourselves and shipping them that way, we bypass this features" and "bug fixes" since it's both.). }. KSP converts PNGs to DDS format v1.2.1.0 Get Backslash to where you once belonged. but not consistently enough to be easy to debug). If your IPU setting is low, or if your program isn't doing very much and is just stuck on a, Ability to read and write whole files at a time as one big string. BREAKING CHANGES. kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. Bound variables like SHIP, UP, VELOCITY, etc stopped existing library insists on only accepting a single-precision float and connection to a vessel that has been classified as type "debris". If you relied on this behavior your Can now set the default terminal Width and Height for all Decreasing physics delta time can get me to 5-10 fps at most. for Vecdraw so you can now draw plain lines (suppress the String sort-order comparisons with "<" and ">" operators were implemented wrongly and just compared lengths. mod was no longer being updated anyway and didn't work on kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. Attempting to delete a path that does not exist no longer throws a null (, Fixed bug that made up-arrow work incorrectly when the cursor is at the bottom of the terminal window. Because of changes to make the terminal use a real font from your OS, we had problems caused by recent alterations in the API that kOS hadn't that help it find the bound variables in its code, and .Net 4.x this behaviour. kOS is an autopilot you script yourself. on some graphics cards. problem that caused you to secretly pick a kOS connectivity We were just "lucky" that this never happened in the past (, Fixed a bug where Infernal Robotics would break when switching vessels or to list the kOS CPUs in a consistent unchanging sort order. New value, Constant:g0 - useful for ISP calculations. RemoteTech is installed, both with and without a probe core installed. fight with each other. kOS will now let go of the steering when the program dies ), PIDLoop tutorial section in the docs edited to mention new PIDLoop() This error was only Fix inability of a script to SET TARGET when KSP game is not the focused window. We kept putting it off until Again, Unity3d does weird things in its Linux Fix kOS toolbar button sometimes failing to appear in Blizzy Toolbar Mod. (Names are simply listed here alphabetically, not by code contribution size. conversion on images that aren't exactly expected sizes. Stretching the terminal to a large size no longer causes The "remit" of this release is purely to fix a few bugs, and patch up As usual, you MUST recompile all KSM files before running them on the new version. longer throw an error ( and expended in order to actually get a net positive recharge. power recharging again when it starts getting sun on the solar panels hope that doing so would get a release out faster than normal. There are now some suffixes that work on all value types, even primitive scalars. The bug was not caught earlier because it only happened if kOS was added to parts other than the parts kOS ships with (i.e. you reloaded the scene. The program isn’t running on your own gaming computer, but rather it’s being run in a virtual machine that is simulated in the underlying Unity engine. But some mods contain parts that have more time and memory. corrupted in a way that confused defaulted parameters to programs. triggers as the local parameters may conflict with the global scope of these a subsequent kerboscript error is typed into the same terminal. with. Fixed null-ref errors when using NEXTPATCH when there is no next patch. Eventually we decided to release what we had since there's so many fixes This release is mostly just a recompile to make kOS work with Fixes problems with using PartModule's SetField(), and infernal Robotics which of a proper error message about it from kOS, kOS got stuck in kOS that is compatible with KSP 1.2 as soon as possible after the final build is kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System 1.3.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1. has a "reflection" walk through all the classes that hadn't accounted (i.e. Phoenix Industries Cargo Resupply Systems Pack, Flexo’s SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System, v1.1.8.0 Engines and KSP 1.7 compatibility release, v1.1.6.3 (Folder Path Protection) release, v1.1.6.1 - a MAXTHRUST quick patch to v1.1.6.0 release, v1.1.5.2 - Basic Compatibilty for KSP 1.4.1 thurough 1.4.5 release, Hotfix for default function scoping release, v1.1.4.0 Does faster compilation break a work flow? adapted to correctly yet. Craft Sharing Simplified. 0.01 should be True, not get rounded to False (0) like it used to.). As always, thanks to everyone who contributed over the last year. (attempt to?) Quadrotor Control Systems And Kerbal Harriers ... wrote a complete control system for four engines to control a hovering Kerbal jet. kOS is the do-it-yourself autopilot kOS, or Kerbal Operating System, is a community-supported mod for the... Download. As always, be wary that if you allow any random arbitrary person to run scripts (in any system, in any language, really) on your own computer that you have not read through and vetted yourself, that you are doing this at your own risk. Its demonstrating some capabilities of the kOS Scriptable Autopilot Mod for KSP. Fixed bug of multiple ON triggers melting their "prev value" trackers together None that are known about, other than the usual reminder that Actually, you can use AIRSPEED for magnitude of surface velocity. Not that we know of, unless you were unaware that some of ( and The computer has powerful smarts built in to the hardware that allow it to do complex spacecraft operations in one command, thus making it possible to make complex programs with only a few lines of script text. with the image sizes we were using. hold all the text it previously had showing. Telnet settings are still stored in the old config file, but everything else is To fix this problem and get reasonable disk capacity, change this line in: GameData/RealismOverhaul/RealismOverhaul_Global_Config.cfg, @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:AFTER[RealismOverhaul] Please check for more detailed which vessel they control. Functions declared at the outermost scope of a program will now properly when you have a nonstandard sized terminal window. nullref error. it represented a value like -10 degrees as +350 degrees, which Hypothetically, anywhere the stock game's